Accolade for camel coupling

An Economist cover depicting two camels humping has been ranked
alongside iconic covershots of John and Yoko embracing and Demi Moore
pregnant as one of the Top 40 magazine covers of the past 40 years.

the poll by the American Society of Magazine Editors, the Economist
cover from 1994 was placed at number 16, ahead of Esquire’s 2000 Bill
Clinton cover (number 19) and Time magazine’s Twin Towers cover from
September 14 2001 (number 25).

Bill Emmett, editor of The
Economist, said: “The cover was used to demonstrate the difficulty of
two companies merging, but we hope it reminds people what a great sense
of humour us serioustypes at the The Economist have.

“Good thing I didn’t use my preferred caption: ‘One hump or two?'”

poll, unveiled at the society’s annual conference in Puerto Rico this
month, placed Rolling Stone’s portrait of John Lennon and Yoko Ono,
taken the day before the singer was shot, at number one, followed by
Vanity Fair’s 1991 cover of a naked, pregnant Demi Moore and Esquire’s
1968 image of Mohammad Ali pierced by six arrows.

ASME executive
director, Marlene Kahan, said: “The top-ranked covers were resonant and
iconic, striking a deep chord with our judges. These covers provide a
snapshot of our nation throughout the past four decades.”

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