A right royal success

Hello! launched on 14 May 1988 as a version of Spain’s royalty-driven women’s weekly, ¡Hola! It was the first magazine to cover celebrity, not then recognised as a sector within publishing.

In its 1,000 issues to date, weddings and babies that have proved most popular with Hello! readers.

Princess Diana’s death and funeral were the two biggest selling covers ever for Hello! and queen of pop Madonna’s wedding was the biggest-selling wedding issue.

Hello! royal reporter Judy Wade says the public’s enthrallment with the royals has helped the title. ‘The trials and triumphs of the world’s last major monarchy hold an endless fascination for people around the world, which is why the Queen and her family have played such a huge part in the success of Hello!

‘They are a symbol of continuity and stability in a rapidly changing era, and carry on for us the glory and traditions of earlier centuries when Britannia ruled the world.”

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