A pukka pic opportunity?

NEVER listen to the newsdesk.

That’s the lesson to be learned from a tale which reaches Axe from Connors Press Agency in Brighton, which picked up the Kevin Fitzpatrick Award for a story which made the National
Association of Press Agencies smile, at its annual awards event this week.

A Connors photographer on his way to a different job apparently saw Jamie Oliver in an ice cream van (he was filming a trailer for his Channel 4’s School Dinners programme). The desk told him to ignore it as he’ll be late for his assignment, but
he stopped anyway and took a snap of Oliver flicking him a V-sign.

Needless to say it made all the nationals. An honourable mention from the same event is due to the the Mail on Sunday, which put £1,000 behind the bar.

And a prize for courage under fire is due to Napa secretary Matthew Bell of Ferrari’s, who compered the evening, stayed up until the early hours of Saturday, then ran the
marathon in 4 hours 12 minutes the next day.

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