A lesson learnt in FoI protocol

Can I put Chris Thomas’s mind at rest (Letters, 18 February)? My
editor, my “cavalier attitude” and I have met the Trust and settled
this matter.

We have both learned from my FoI exercise, which was as much for my benefit as a fledgling news editor as anyone else’s.

never set out to wind up the four public authorities – that was an
unnecessary development and something I was not proud of. None of the
others reacted quite like that.

That is all behind us now. Breaking news and routine press enquiries are once again flowing happily between us.

Can I also add my regards to my namesake on the Colchester Evening Gazette whose use of the FoI Act you reported on last week.

I opened a can or worms with my request, it seems Tom Weatherill will
be living off a diet of them for some time with the copy that one
enquiry will generate.

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