A case of bad timing from the Beeb

The dear old BBC seems to be lurching from one crisis to another. As if the Jimmy Savile and Lord McAlpine scandals weren’t enough to tarnish the reputation of our favourite broadcaster, the latest controversy looks set to be the most shocking yet.

This week, the BBC Trust’s Editorial Standards Committee – the ultimate arbiter of right and wrong at the corporation – upheld a complaint from a man who noticed that the clock adorning auntie’s website did not, in fact, display the correct time as established by the Beeb but simply copied the information from the user’s own computer.

In simple terms, as this noble whisteblower pointed out, the BBC has been lying  to us all along. The incorrect clock, as he explained, “undermined trust in the BBC overall”.

As switching to an accurate timepiece would, apparently, cost the broadcaster an astonishing 100 staffing days, it was decided that the clock would be removed.

But another scandal would appear to be on the horizon; as Axegrinder went to press, he found that the offending clock was still in place…



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