A big thumbs up to NoW's byline bandit

Allegations of byline banditry have resulted in a tongue-in-cheek apology being sent from News of the World reporter Robbie Collin to colleague James Weatherup.

Apparently Weatherup got the tip that Prince Andrew was selling his Berkshire mansion to a Kazakh tycoon and there was some suggestion that he thus deserved the byline, which instead went to Collin.

Here is Collin’s apology to his NoW colleague ‒ in true Borat style:

From: Collin, Robbie
Subject: Apology

I very much like to make solemn apology to great News of the World reporter James Weatherup for stealing his byline on article about his close friend Prince Andrew.

I am a great fan of James and very much enjoy his recent articles on man who not kill prostitute in Ipswich going for bike ride, man who DO kill prostitute in Ipswich getting married, and man related to George Best who tie up prostitute with stocking.

How can one man keep such a close eye on so many red light districts? I very impress! I think he would like Kazakhstan very much ‒ we have very many more red light districts for him to visit and I can tell by his suit he is a great fan of Kazakh tailoring. Nice!

If James ever travel to our glorious country, he is very welcome to stay my house, sleep my bed and use my sister.


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