24 hours in British Journalism: 12-1pm

Glasgow: Freelance Samantha Booth gets dressed. Duly collected by 88-year-old Nazi interrogator and taken to a local tea shop for lunch and a fascinating, if somewhat alarming, chat.

South East: Ex-Wapping journalist ponders own impoverishment and fall from grace, blogging: “Many who now enjoy hating News International journalists would, no doubt, wish this life upon them. I know many who already have left because of cuts and wonder if they too are struggling.”

Tunbridge Wells: Newsreader Jenny Barsby starts her shift at BBC Radio Kent.

She sees Peter Sissons going into the loo.

Brussels: Chris White sits down for coffee with PA’s Geoff Meade next to a plaque saying ‘Meade Corner’, in honour of his many years covering the European Commission.

Discuss British press’s ‘slanted’ reporting of EU. Other press corps join them.

Small wines taken.

Donegal: Freelance Paddy Clancy drives to see the cottage which woman survivor left before boarding The Titanic.

Relatives still alive. Will make a feature.

PICLondon: Lindsay Nicholson (below) approves dummy of Good Housekeeping’s Chocolate Collection. Nearly 200 chocolate recipes and she tasted every single one.

Oh well, it had better be salad for lunch then!

London: Phone ringing off the hook for Farrah Storr, mainly from PRs wanting to meet up for coffee and get in Women’s Health.

Husband sends flowers. She arrives for lunch at the Soho Hotel to discuss brand extensions. Foregoes dessert.

Afghanistan: BBC’s Sommerville gets back to advisory base, Hamitullah. Cold but there is a heater in tent. Cold shower.

Amazed to get freshly cooked steaks and mashed potato.

London: Gill Hudson has a break from Reader’s Digest and checks in at the gym. Stretches a lot, does a few half-hearted weights, then a 20-minute swim.

Irritating man blocking lane with his bizarre backstroke-cum-butterfly. Again.

North London: Take a Break health editor Lee Rodwell has a sandwich and a coffee. Puts a load of washing on (joys of working from home).

She is a judge for the Guild of Health writer awards and resumes reading shortlist.

London: Take a Break beauty editor Liz Wilde arrives at salon to have hair coloured.

Has taken readers’ questions to ask hairdresser’s opinion, but it’s all too relaxing.

She leans back, lets her eyes close and feels her will to pick someone else’s  brains ebb away. Another time…

Tunbridge Wells: BBC Radio Kent. Disaster strikes newsreader Jenny Barsby.

No sugar! No coffee could mean a breakdown in her working practices.

Luckily she’s brought some sweetener which she guarding with her life.

Looks at running list. Harry Redknapp will be the top story for the 1 o’clock then.

Colleague discusses the merits of Andy Burnham’s eyelashes. They are beautiful like a cow’s apparently…

Next week, part two: From Hull to Hollywood, Bristol to Burma, Hackney to Helmand.



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