24 hours in British Journalism: 11am-12pm

South East: ‘Ex-Wapping journalist’ now living on beans on toast and with mobile disconnected, is tutoring students and blogs: ‘I fight the urge to tell them not to be journalists, we need journalists and it is a great job’.

Cambridge: Reporter Raymond Brown gets a call from a distressed vicar about a dead body.

Knocks out story, then dashes off just in time for arrival of Prince Charles by chopper. Starts tweeting and filing.

Southwark: Harry Redknapp acquitted. BBC reporter tells world he’s been found guilty before correcting himself.

Congleton: Editor Jeremy Condliffe breakfasts, showers, tidies house to avoid wife’s ire. Has been working since 5am.

Goes into Chronicle office. Subs worried about details in a splash about a man committing indecent acts with children.

Afghanistan: Sommerville discovers that cameraman Dean Squire’s convoy was hit by an IED. Lucky escape for him. The vehicle behind took the blast. Again, no casualties.

Visits operations room. Brits still providing a lot of support despite this supposedly being an Afghan-led operation.

Bermondsey: Mark Solomons’s agency has two ideas for Sunday exclusives, a consumer rip-off tale which the Sunday Mirror like (they pay the most so they try them first) and a health story for the Mail on Sunday, which they take too.

One Sunday exclusive is worth seven page leads in the Daily Express. Time for a cuppa. Checks facebook. Mainly Harry Redknapp jokes.

Used to work at The Sun and has been following arrests of ex colleagues.

London: Kathryn Blundell, editor of Mother&Baby, meets with publisher, then art editor over cover and layouts.

Goes round corner to Covent Garden Hotel for tea with an advertising and website designer seeking ‘creative solutions’.

Cornwall: Kirstie Newton is writing a column on what makes someone Cornish.

She is editor of Cornwall Today.

Bedfordshire: Package arrives at Bedfordshire on Sunday newspaper.

Journalists suggest it’s a bomb. Joking. It’s from Virgin Media and contains cake, party snacks, balloons, bubbles and party bags in celebration of its 5th birthday.

Similar arriving at offices up and down the land.

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