2,000 media staff cover Chile mine rescue, with reports of more than 50 from BBC


Some 2,000 journalists are said to be in Chile watching the mine collapse survivors emerge with reports of jostling for the best satellite position (The Guardian) and “mayhem” as the tents of families are trampled (The Hindustan Times).

The Mail on Sunday reported at the weekend that the BBC had a team of 46 on site to cover the story, with 10 more set to arrive.

It quoted one cameraman who said: “It’s a lot of people, but the problem is a lot of the departments won’t work with each other. Some of the guys who do the breakfast TV news won’t work for the World Service and so on.”

As it turned out, everyone seemed to be making use of some perfectly adequate pooled footage supplied by the Chilean authorities this morning – which is still running live on the BBC website.

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