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Is 12-year-old Mica Britain's youngest sports reporter?

Louth Town are currently top of the Northern Counties East Division – and they also have the distinction of being covered by Britain’s youngest football writer.

Mica Bale, 12, has already been published in national showbusiness magazine Encore and Animals And You.

When she heard that Louth Town needed someone to write their match reports and send them to the media, Bale volunteered to help.

“It keeps me on my toes keeping up with the game and who has scored, who has been substituted and so on.

“It’s a great experience though and I am really pleased to have been given the opportunity.”

Mica has no ambition to become a full-time journalist.

“I like the idea of writing part-time including writing books but I don’t have plans to work full-time for newspapers.

“I have other ideas for a full-time career like physiotherapy or working with horses.”

Louth Town manager Daryl Clare (pictured with Mica above) said: “Mica is always very positive but never writes that we have played well when we know we haven’t. Her critiques are spot on.”

Mica’s reports go to the Grimsby Telegraph, Louth Leader, Louth Target and Lincolnshire Echo.]

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