WSJ and Post bring back stock tables

The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post are restoring stock tables after protests from readers.

Dropping some stock market tables was intended to  save newsprint – and therefore money. But after howls of protest at least two large US newspapers, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal are restoring the tables. Or at least some of them.

Editors felt at first that cutting back on the stock tables was a simple way to effect economies. But what they had not reckoned on was how many readers have become accustomed to checking their stock prices over breakfast .

Both the WSJ and the Washington Post received what they described as "torrents of complaints".

The WSJ – which said the complaints ran into the thousands – which dropped a whole page of stock market prices when it reduced the overall size of the paper last month – is not going back completely to the old layout. It will restore from next week, it said, a quarter page to closing prices.

This way the paper still hopes to save some money on newsprint.

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