21 Nov 2014
In a country where questionable criminal actions against journalists have become commonplace the conviction and fine for Newcastle Journal editor Brian Aitken remains shocking.
21 Nov 2014
The Supreme Court has rejected an attempt by Daily Mail publisher Associated Newspapers to appeal in a case in which it was ordered to pay £65,000 in libel damages to a management consultant it alleged had won a contract with the Metropolitan Police through cronyism.
20 Nov 2014
Six journalists have launched a legal challenge against the Met Police after finding that surveillance information about them is being held on a “National Domestic Extremism” database. The Times reported earlier this month that the Met Police National Domestic Extremism and Disorder Intelligence Union holds 2,000 records which relate to photoraphers and journalists. Now the National Union of Journalists has started legal action on behalf of six of its members who appears on the database.
20 Nov 2014
Mail Online hit a new daily global traffic record of 12.1m daily unique browsers in October, according to ABC.
19 Nov 2014
More than 800 regional newspaper websites have teamed up to launch a combined digital advertising platform called 1XL.
17 Nov 2014
A former regional newspaper sub-editor made redundant by Johnston Press says that a business he launched could offer hope to other journalist in a similar position.
13 Nov 2014
"There are two big myths in journalism at the moment. The first is that journalism is dying and the second is that journalism is very, very hard to get into and they both aren't true."
12 Nov 2014
Panorama's twice-postponed investigation of Sun reporter Mazher Mahmood is set go ahead tonight at 8.30pm.
11 Nov 2014
Sun reporter Mazher Mahmood has accused the BBC of giving “deeply misleading reasons” for postponing the broadcast if its Panorama Investigation Fake Sheikh: Exposed.
11 Nov 2014
BBC head of news James Harding said the corporation is investigating buying content from local newspapers and setting up a fund to pay for court reporting.
11 Nov 2014
The 'Fake Sheikh', formerly of News of the World, was yesterday refused permission to appeal Friday's decision by a High Court judge to reject his injunction against the programme.
11 Nov 2014
Tory plans for a new Bill of Rights will include “specific protection for journalists and a free press”.
10 Nov 2014
Nottingham Post editor Mike Sassis has revealed how his newspaper has "no relationship whatsoever" with his local police force.
10 Nov 2014
The Government has apeared to rule out making changes to curb police spying on journalists before the general election on 7 May 2015.
10 Nov 2014
The two main trade bodies for UK national and regional newspaper publishers today took the word "newspaper" out of their names as they launched the News Media Association.
07 Nov 2014
News UK today invited other publishers to take advantage of its spare print capacity and its home delivery network inside the M25.
06 Nov 2014
Journalists across Europe held events yesterday to mark European Federation of Journalists' Stand Up For Journalism day. So it seemed like a particularly apt moment to deliver the Save Our Sources petition to the Interception of Communications Commissioner's Office.
05 Nov 2014
The Interception of Communications Commissioner’s office (IOCCO)yesterday acknowledged the role of the Press Gazette Save Our Sources campaign in a prompting an inquiry into police spying on journalists.
03 Nov 2014
The Regulatory Funding Company appoints the Editors’ Code Committee and also has some influence over appointments to the IPSO board and complaints committee.