19 Dec 2014
When Press Gazette first highlighted the fact the Met Police accessed the phone records of The Sun in order to find and punish three internal leakers the reaction was pretty much universal condemnation.
18 Dec 2014
It was announced last week that the film, which stars former Beverly Hills 90210 heartthrob Luke Perry, has been selected to be in competition at the Berlinale - the Berlin Film Festival - next February.
18 Dec 2014
A media campaign prompted by the treatment of journalists has led to strict new proposed time limits on police bail.
18 Dec 2014
Mail Online hit a new traffic record of averaging 12.5 million "unique browsers" per day in November according to ABC.
15 Dec 2014
Merseyside Police opted to release a picture of a 10-year-old named in court by a judge only to local media after receiving legal advice.
12 Dec 2014
Another day at the Old Bailey watching the slow-motion car crash of a journalist's life being destroyed.
10 Dec 2014
A leading criminal lawyer has questioned the severity of the sentence handed down in the trial of the Sun’s Nick Parker.
10 Dec 2014
A new draft Code of Practice on government spying powers has finally been published and it states that police should continue to access journalists’ phone records without any outside approval.
09 Dec 2014
Let's draw a comparison between the actions of the Met Police and The Sun's Nick Parker (pictured, Press Association).
09 Dec 2014
Senior Sun reporter Nick Parker (pictured, Press Association) has been cleared at the Old Bailey of aiding and abetting misconduct in a public office but convicted of handling Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh's stolen mobile phone.
08 Dec 2014
Met chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has claimed that his force used the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act to spy on the phone records of The Sun because journalists were involved in committing a crime.
06 Dec 2014
The Home Affairs Select committee has told police forces to stop secretly monitoring the phone records of journalist.
05 Dec 2014
The Times and Sunday Times were the top-performing national print newspapers last month.The Times was the only UK national newspaper to increase sales year on year. I
02 Dec 2014
The Daily Express has apologised to Carr senior for a piece by Vanessa Feltz headlined: "Jimmy Carr's dad has a lot to answer for".
01 Dec 2014
Sun associate editor Trevor Kavanagh has condemned “heavy-handed cops, gung-ho prosecutors and our thin-skinned political rulers” for the prosecution of his colleague Clodagh Hartley.
28 Nov 2014
The Sun’s Plebgate libel victory kills once and for all the theory that there was a conspiracy by the police to topple Andrew Mitchell.
26 Nov 2014
The criminal charge of conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office used against journalists paying for stories is a new one for UK courts.
26 Nov 2014
The National Association of Press Agencies has urged the BBC to start buying in local content from its members.