Noel Botham
12 Dec 2012
Noel Botham was laid to rest last week. He was the undisputed master of a school of journalism which would have given Lord Justice Leveson the vapours.
10 Dec 2012
John Dale is the former editor of women's magazine Take-a-Break and an ex-reporter at the Daily Mail and The Observer. Here he takes aim at journalism's 'freebie culture' a 'kind of corruption so embedded that we cannot see it for what it is: behaviour widespread enough to shame a Pakistani cricketer moonlighting for FIFA'. (This article first appeared in the October 2011 edition of Press Gazette's monthly magazine. To subscribe to our new Press Gazette - Journalism Quarterly, click here.)
25 Oct 2012
24 hours in British Journalism: A day in the life of the UK's news-makers
20 Sep 2012
Many journalists have assured Lord Justice Leveson that they rarely wine and dine contacts and that they definitely never get police officers drunk. Here, former Take a Break editor John Dale argues that alcohol is a weapon which journalists should wield to get to the truth – after a very long lunch with former chief investigator of the News of the World Noel Botham.