31 Jul 2014
The claims about Paddy McKillen were made in an article relating to Claridge's Hotel in London in a Taki column.
30 Jul 2014
The newspaper initially pleaded not guilty to a charge of breaching the lifelong anonymity for the victims and alleged victims of rape and other sexual offences granted by section 1 of the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 1992.
28 Jul 2014
Aidan White, who is director of the Ethical Journalism Network, has previously worked as a journalist for national and regional newspapers including The Guardian and the Birmingham Post and Mail.
25 Jul 2014
Newsquest North East pleaded guilty, having indicated a "not guilty" plea at an earlier hearing.
22 Jul 2014
David Cameron (pictured, Reuters) said people leafing through victims' belongings and suitcases was "completely inappropriate" and called on the media and pro-Russian separatists to understand they are dealing with "effectively a murder scene".
12 Jun 2014
Hannah Weller said she wanted other parents to join her and "take a stand for all our children".
06 Jun 2014
Letters from the Official Solicitor to a newspaper publisher seeking to restrict a journalist's right to make social visits to an elderly woman involved in Court of Protection Proceedings have been criticised by a senior judge.
23 May 2014
Many journalists may have failed to understand the extent to which the Bribery Act 2010 could affect their activities, the head of the BBC's editorial legal group told a conference.
08 May 2014
The BBC has lost its appeal to the Supreme Court over a ban on journalists naming an immigrant who was deported after being jailed for gross indecency with a child.
02 May 2014
A judge has issued a stark warning to social media users not to prejudice the case of a 15-year-old boy accused of stabbing teacher Ann Maguire to death in her classroom.
11 Apr 2014
A 42-year-old woman has been arrested by detectives investigating alleged corrupt payments to public officials.
10 Apr 2014
The former archbishop of Canterbury went into the witness box at the hacking trial today to defend his friend Stuart Kuttner.
09 Apr 2014
A judge has barred a 94-year-old dementia sufferer at the centre of litigation in the Court of Protection from speaking to journalists - pending an assessment of her mental "capacity".
08 Apr 2014
A husband and wife have been charged as part of Operation Elveden, accused of making fake Broadmoor Hospital records to con newspaper publishers.
02 Apr 2014
A High Court judge has criticised lawyers representing two health authorities for not having given journalists enough warning about a hearing relating to the treatment of a mentally ill woman.
25 Mar 2014
A magistrates' court made an order banning the media from identifying a dead child when a man appeared charged with murdering his six-year-old daughter.
21 Mar 2014
There was only one application for an interim privacy injunction in the High Court during the final six months of last year - and that was rejected, according to new statistics from the Ministry of Justice.
19 Mar 2014
Former News of the World reporter Clive Goodman accused his employer of a delivering "a fairly crude carrot and stick" to persuade him not to implicate colleagues in hacking, a court heard.
Jimmy White: Reuters
18 Mar 2014
The Daily Star has failed in its bid to get a libel action brought by snooker player Jimmy White over betting scam allegations thrown out.
18 Mar 2014
Former footballer Paul Gascoigne has accepted damages from the Daily Express and Daily Star newspapers to settle his defamation and privacy claim against the two newspapers after they put video footage showing him in a drunken and incoherent state on their websites.