26 Nov 2015
A former Broadmoor Hospital worker has been jailed for eight months for selling stories to The Sun about notorious patients including the Yorkshire Ripper.
24 Nov 2015
The Government has announced £85m extra funding for the BBC World Service to help "uphold global democracy".
23 Nov 2015
A complaint that a Daily Telegraph story headlined "Gove could not get X-ray for broken foot" was inaccurate has been upheld by Ipso, the Independent Press Standards organisation.
23 Nov 2015
Tony Hall is to become the first director general of the BBC to argue for full external regulation.
20 Nov 2015
Two former prison officers have been jailed for leaking information to tabloid newspapers about notorious inmates.
19 Nov 2015
Ashley Highfield, the chief executive of Johnson Press, said he had been in discussion with the broadcaster about a "commissioning" model where it paid for their news and pictures to use on its platforms.
11 Nov 2015
Two journalists who were jailed in Indonesia for violating immigration laws will land back on British soil today.
06 Nov 2015
A prison officer from top security HMP Belmarsh made nearly £20,000 from leaking information about "notorious" inmates including So Solid Crew rapper Megaman to the Daily Mirror, a court was told today.
03 Nov 2015
Two British television journalists have been jailed for two and a half months by an Indonesian court for violating immigration regulations by working on tourist visas.
03 Nov 2015
Radio 4 Today presenter John Humphrys said his former colleague, who had cancer, was "one of the great radio newsreaders".
30 Oct 2015
The first appearance of Mazher Mahmood takes place today at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London.
29 Oct 2015
Secunder Kermani, who has interviewed British-born jihadis and so-called Islamic State fighters, was forced by officers to hand over the laptop after they secured an order from a judge.
27 Oct 2015
A decision to award £10,000 in privacy damages to singer Paul Weller for three of his children would have far-reaching adverse effects on the freedom of the UK media if allowed to stand, the Court of Appeal was told today.
27 Oct 2015
During a debate on the future of the corporation on Radio 4's Media Show, he said: "Newspapers are entitled to be concerned.
23 Oct 2015
Ministers have been warned "dark forces" are threatening the BBC, as the Government said it has received 192,000 comments about the broadcaster's future.
22 Oct 2015
Mohammed Rasool has been in prison for nearly eight weeks. He was detained while serving as a fixer for two British journalists for Vice News covering the conflict in Turkey's Kurdish south-east.
22 Oct 2015
Jacqueline Anne Sutton, known as Jacky, was found in a toilet at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport on Saturday night after flying from London.
21 Oct 2015
MPs were told that £35m from the EU is put into an offshoot unit that provides broadcasting training in volatile overseas states and other money is "occasionally available".
20 Oct 2015
MGN is appealing against Mr Justice Mann's ruling, in May, which saw the payment of record compensation, totalling about £1.2m, as a result of the invasions of privacy concerned being "so serious and so prolonged".