29 Jul 2014
Mosley, youngest son of Sir Oswald Mosley, former leader of the British Union of Fascists (BUF), has issued High Court proceedings against Google Inc and Google UK Limited for misuse of private information and breaches of the Data Protection Act through his lawyers Payne Hicks Beach.
24 Jul 2014
Four security guards accused of helping to hide or destroy evidence around the time of Rebekah Brooks's arrest will not face trial, a court was told today.
18 Jul 2014
Journalists and technicians had been due to walkout next Wednesday for 12 hours.
18 Jul 2014
An undercover reporter has told a court he wanted to "expose criminality" about an alleged drug deal involving Tulisa Constostavlos (pictured, Reuters) and it was "outrageous" to suggest he spiked the singer's drink during one of their meetings.
16 Jul 2014
Darren Jennings (not pictured) is on trial at the Old Bailey accused of committing misconduct in a public office while he worked for Wiltshire Police in September 2010.
15 Jul 2014
A former police constable has gone on trial accused of offering to sell information to the Sun about a "womanising and bullying" colleague, a court heard.
01 Jul 2014
Coulson, 46, faces up to two years in prison after he was found guilty last week of conspiring to intercept voicemails at the News of the World following a marathon trial at the Old Bailey.
30 Jun 2014
Coulson, a married father-of-three from Charing in Kent, will be joined in the dock by private detective Glenn Mulcaire and four journalists from the NoW who have already admitted taking part in the hacking.
25 Jun 2014
Prime Minister David Cameron was heavily criticised for almost collapsing the phone-hacking trial in its final stages by commenting on ex No 10 spin doctor Andy Coulson's conviction for phone-hacking while the jury was still deliberating.
25 Jun 2014
The apology followed an incident on Monday when Evans was ordered by an official, who he initially thought was a police officer, to delete footage he had taken while covering a protest at Sheffield railway station by a group of pensioners.
23 Jun 2014
An Egyptian court has sentenced three journalists to seven years in prison each on terrorism-related charges.
12 Jun 2014
The "core" of a major terrorism trial can be held in secret - but the case must stand and end in public and the defendants may be identified, the Court of Appeal decided today.
10 Jun 2014
Former MSP Tommy Sheridan is to launch a new bid to overturn his perjury conviction.
06 Jun 2014
A police officer who admitted selling stories to a newspaper - including one which caused a woman such distress that she tried to kill herself - was today jailed for two years.
16 May 2014
A British politician seeking re-election has made requests to Google to have results removed from the search engine following the "right to be forgotten" ruling.
07 May 2014
Jurors in the phone-hacking trial were today told to consider who knew about the "rotten state of affairs" that went to the top of the News of the World.
25 Apr 2014
Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson denied that he "turned a blind eye" to the hacking of a voicemail in which David Blunkett declared his love for Spectator publisher Kimberly Fortier in 2004.
David Blunkett (Reuters)
24 Apr 2014
Andy Coulson also told the hacking trial that he regretted reporting the news that former home secretary David Blunkett was having an affair with Spectator publisher Kimberly Fortier in 2004.
Andy Coulson (Reuters)
23 Apr 2014
Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson has described his shock at the arrest of one of his reporters for phone-hacking, and denied suggestions that he was involved in a cover-up.