28 Aug 2015
Scotland must get a dedicated BBC television channel to counter the often "ill-informed" coverage of London-based journalists who have "totally failed" to cover constitutional change, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has demanded. As a minimum, Sturgeon called for BBC editors based within Scotland to have greater ability to influence UK reporting, a specific Scottish site for iPlayer programmes, Scottish Parliament oversight for the BBC in Scotland, greater use of Scottish opt-outs, and more powers for the BBC commissioners based in Scotland, during her Alternative MacTaggart lecture at the Edinburgh International Television Festival.
27 Aug 2015
The BBC is "killing itself", former Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross has said.
26 Aug 2015
US police are chasing the suspect in a fatal shooting of a reporter and cameraman during a live television broadcast, the governor of Virginia has said.
25 Aug 2015
A former prison officer from Bury St Edmunds has become the latest to be charged under the high-profile Operation Elveden investigation into newspapers' dealings with public officials.
21 Aug 2015
Nick Robinson has compared protests against his coverage of the Scottish independence referendum to something out of Vladimir Putin's Russia.
21 Aug 2015
A British journalist who worked for the Daily Express betrayed his country to become one of the key Soviet agents of the Second World War.
14 Aug 2015
Kensington Palace has accused paparazzi photographers of harassing Prince George and Princess Charlotte, accusing them of going to "extreme lengths" to get pictures and urging the media not to use the images. (Reuters picture above shows family)
11 Aug 2015
He is being replaced by Nick Robinson, who recently took time off to recover from lung cancer.
05 Aug 2015
Ministers from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have joined forces to ensure their administrations are given a formal role in agreeing the new BBC Charter. (Reuters picture shows protestors outside BBC Scotland last September)
22 Jul 2015
Former Number 10 spin doctor Andy Coulson (pictured, Reuters) has been ordered to pay £150,000 towards the costs of the marathon hacking trial.
21 Jul 2015
Police and prosecutors were wrong to treat an investigative journalist who exposed a drug-taking doctor as a suspect and interview him under caution, the Crown prosecution Service has said.
16 Jul 2015
Culture Secretary John Whittingdale said that the upcoming review of the BBC's Royal Charter will look at whether the broadcaster should continue to be "all things to all people" or should have a more "precisely targeted" mission in terms of its output.
13 Jul 2015
The BBC has been cleared of breaching broadcasting rules after it screened a clip of a schoolboy telling a leading politician he would vote for Ukip to "get all the foreigners out of the country".
10 Jul 2015
Comedian Freddie Starr has lost his damages claim against a woman who said he groped her when she attended a Jimmy Savile TV show when she was 15 years old.
09 Jul 2015
The BBC's political editor Nick Robinson is joining the flagship Radio 4 Today Programme to replace Jim Naughtie who announced his departure this week. Robinson, who recently took time off to recover from a lung cancer diagnosis, will start on air from autumn with his replacement yet to be announced.
08 Jul 2015
A former News of the World royal reporter who was found guilty of getting scoops from one of Prince Harry's comrades has formally had his conviction quashed by the Court of Appeal.
06 Jul 2015
The final News of the World journalist to be convicted for his role in the phone-hacking scandal has been spared jail.
06 Jul 2015
Blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan searched the worldwide registers and was able to find an individual whose tissue type matched her own and who is available to donate.
02 Jul 2015
The BBC will continue to use the term Islamic State to describe the jihadist group in order to maintain the broadcaster's impartiality, its director general has said.
29 Jun 2015
A mental health nurse at Broadmoor high security hospital has been jailed for two years for selling stories about some of Britain's most notorious killers to the News of the World and Mirror newspapers.