16 May 2016
A celebrity battling to stop a tabloid newspaper naming him in a story about his alleged extra-marital activities will find out this week if he is to remain anonymous.
12 May 2016
ITV has defended itself against Vote Leave accusations that it has "joined the official In campaign" in the EU referendum, after it announced plans for a programme pitching David Cameron against UKIP leader Nigel Farage.
09 May 2016
A BBC reporter, a producer and a cameraman have been detained in North Korea and are being expelled from the country, the BBC has said.
06 May 2016
Reports on inquests into the Hillsborough disaster that claimed the lives of 96 people were "spun" in favour of South Yorkshire Police at the force's request, a former police press officer has claimed.
06 May 2016
The former prostitute at the centre of an injunction over claims that she slept with a famous British actor has said she regrets speaking to the press.
04 May 2016
Former BBC Trust chairman Chris Patten has spoken out in defence of the "besieged" BBC as the Government prepares to publish a White Paper on the corporation's future.
03 May 2016
Daily Mail astrologer Jonathan Cainer has died from a heart attack aged 58, his assistant has said.
29 Apr 2016
Wikileaks has been "reckless" by releasing classified information without trying to protect intelligence officials, according to one of the reporters who broke the Watergate scandal.
28 Apr 2016
A High Court judge has given the go-ahead to phone-hacking damages claims against The Sun.
22 Apr 2016
Boris Johnson has come under fire over his attack on the "part-Kenyan" US president Barack Obama.
22 Apr 2016
A celebrity who wants to keep his name out of a tabloid newspaper story about his alleged extra-marital activities must wait to find out if he has won a battle at the Supreme Court.
21 Apr 2016
Johnston Press boss Ashley Highfield says regional media groups and the BBC have agreed in principle a new partnership - but talks are at a "crunch point".
21 Apr 2016
A legal battle by a celebrity for an injunction to prevent him being named in a tabloid newspaper story about his alleged extra-marital activities has reached the UK's highest court.
18 Apr 2016
Judges say an injunction barring The Sun on Sunday from naming a celebrity said to have engaged in "extramarital activities" can be lifted - but they have not named the man involved, who is now expected to ask for a stay pending further legal action.
15 Apr 2016
A politician who used parliamentary privilege to expose football star Ryan Giggs as the celebrity protected by a privacy injunction says judges must lift a ban which is preventing a tabloid newspaper from reporting on a ''well-known'' man's ''extramarital activities''.
14 Apr 2016
John Whittingdale broke no rules by not declaring a free trip with his then girlfriend on the register of MPs' interests, a source close to the Culture Secretary insisted after a Labour MP called for a sleaze probe.
05 Apr 2016
A British journalist who has documented the development of North Korea's technology issues has said he will appeal a decision by South Korean authorities to block his website for violating national security law.
03 Apr 2016
A minister has ordered an urgent investigation after the Sunday Times Insight team filmed a British doctor describe how he prescribed performance-enhancing drugs to sports stars.
26 Mar 2016
The final print edition of The Independent has been sent to press as the title moves to a digital-only format.