28 Oct 2014
A call by Nick Clegg to have a public interest defence for the press inserted into laws like RIPA and the Bribery Act has been backed by the Society of Editors.
23 Oct 2014
Journalists whose researched is hampered by the Google Spain Right to be forgotten ruling should be able to find delisted content via Google.com.
18 Oct 2014
A change in copyright law could make media websites even more vulnerable to having their content ripped off.
15 Oct 2014
A new warning by the Information Commissioner could affect journalists if they take their contact books with them when they leave their jobs.
14 Oct 2014
The Home Office's announcement that it will introduce measures to stop the police using RIPA to access journalists' phone records appears to be a rare victory for press freedom.
23 Sep 2014
The threat that Ripa poses to journalists’ sources is a damning indictment on Parliament. They could have built in a journalistic exemption. But they didn't.
22 Sep 2014
Be warned: the EU cookie monster in on the prowl this week.
13 Sep 2014
A new restriction on reporting Scottish courts went largely unnoticed, but will have a serious affect on crime reporting north of the border.
13 Sep 2014
A report in Kent Online about the court appearance of a man charged with murdering a pensioner made me scratch my head.
11 Sep 2014
The Metropolitan Police were wrong to warn people who watched the video of the beheading of an American journalist that they could be committing a crime.
28 Aug 2014
Google Glass is now on sale in the UK. And as hordes of journalists are no doubt rushing out to buy the £1,000 device, it’s worth look at the legal issues.
21 Aug 2014
I blogged the other day about the way the police misuse terrorism legislation to target journalists, and the public.
20 Aug 2014
A judge has provided the first clues about the realities of the new Defamation Act’s ‘serious harm’ test.
15 Aug 2014
The independent reviewer of terrorism legislation’s concerns about free speech (Guardian) provide another example of how the law is being used to stifle journalism.
07 Aug 2014
Plans to give lifelong anonymity to young people involved in court proceedings are to be introduced by the Government.
29 Jul 2014
Most journalists understand sexual offences anonymity laws well. But many forget that the PCC code applies to reports sexual offences, as well – and can be stricter. This was illustrated last week, when the Northern Echo was ordered to pay costs and damages of around £10,000 after naming a rape victim.
28 Jul 2014
The Government has rejected calls to tighten up youth crime reporting restrictions following the death of Leeds school teacher Ann Maguire.
25 Jul 2014
Editors used to work on the basis that public interest applied to every story they published … if it didn’t, they wouldn’t be publishing it.
18 Jul 2014
It’s puzzled me for years why nobody has tried to weaken journalists’ rights under the Data Protection Act.