14 May 2015
The section 39 order, which has been used to prevent the media from identifying under-18s in adult court cases, has now been replaced in criminal courts.
21 Apr 2015
An environmental journalist has achieved a victory over the Information Commissioner in an attempt to obtain information about bad landlords under the Freedom of Information Act.
18 Apr 2015
Tom Wall's legal victory over the Ministry of Justice and the Information Commissioner is as worrying as it is remarkable.
16 Apr 2015
Media websites would do well to heed a recent decision by the Northern Ireland high court about the way Facebook responded to a take-down request.
Coverage of Cleland Thom's election law ebook
31 Mar 2015
The first bout of Dave v Ed on TV last night signaled the unofficial start of the general election campaign. And journalists can look forward two another five weeks on mud-slinging, claim and counter-claim.
17 Mar 2015
New government figures confirm the recent trend that privacy junctions are becoming a thing of the past
12 Mar 2015
There's a saying that one man's tragedy is another man's treasure
10 Mar 2015
A powerful House of Commons committee has called for training and guidance on the use of Personal Information Notices (PINs) by police
01 Mar 2015
Journalists will be able to cover some court cases without leaving their desks if a new recommendations are implemented by the government.
07 Feb 2015
The case of the Croydon Advertiser reporter who was warned by police for emailing and door-stepping a woman who was later convicted of fraud raises some worrying legal issues.
02 Feb 2015
Greater minds than mine - and there are many - have grappled with the issue: What is a journalist?
13 Jan 2015
The brutal excecution of the Charlie Hebdo journalists last week didn't surprise me. There have always been those who are so arrogant, and yet so thin-skinned and insecure about their beliefs, that they feel compelled to kill people who disagree with them.
05 Jan 2015
The new Defamation Act makes it harder for individuals to sue media organisations. But editors shouldn’t be complacent.
22 Dec 2014
There’s nothing like a Christmas quiz. And this is nothing like a Christmas quiz. It’s a chance to test your knowledge of some of 2014’s legal and ethical issues.
17 Dec 2014
The Information Commissioner has urged the media to be 'open and honest' with the public when they are using drones.
28 Nov 2014
EU privacy regulators are attempting to stop the media from circumventing people's 'right to be forgotten' requests.
26 Nov 2014
The first libel case under the new Defamation Act has put one important issue beyond doubt: libel juries are likely to be a thing of the past.
28 Oct 2014
A call by Nick Clegg to have a public interest defence for the press inserted into laws like RIPA and the Bribery Act has been backed by the Society of Editors.
23 Oct 2014
Journalists whose researched is hampered by the Google Spain Right to be forgotten ruling should be able to find delisted content via Google.com.
18 Oct 2014
A change in copyright law could make media websites even more vulnerable to having their content ripped off.