08 Apr 2016
The Court of Appeal banned the media from carrying reports of a murder trial on their Facebook pages.
10 Feb 2016
Few things are more likely to raise the eyebrows of a judge or a magistrate than the sight of someone taking notes in their courtroom.
13 Jan 2016
I think most people would agree that The Sun’s front page story about the arrest of Arthur Winston-Kent for an alleged triple murder stood a chance of prejudicing his trial!
10 Sep 2015
Google has been hit with a 'remove or else' order by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) over links to stories in some online media archives.
06 Sep 2015
Young offenders and accused aged 16 and 17 can no longer be identified in Scottish criminal cases.
21 Jul 2015
Websites that do not provide adequate cookie consent forms are unlikely to get more than a warning, following a change in approach by the Information Commissioner.
16 Jul 2015
New legislation that makes posting revenge porn a criminal offence may cause an ethical dilemma for editors.
13 Jul 2015
The news that a Mail on Sunday reporter was questioned about criminal voyeurism after investigating a story shows that the police will use any law to harass journalists.
09 Jul 2015
It's unusual for a court to rule in favour of using the photograph of a teenager. So the Supreme Court's recent decision in the case involving the Derry Journal is welcome.
05 Jul 2015
The media's freedom to publish unmoderated comments from readers on internet message boards is facing a new threat from the European Commission.
24 Jun 2015
The Government's plans to introduce a UK Bill of Rights has received a mixed reception. But if the proposed legislation included the guaranteed freedom of the press, I'd be all for it.
22 Jun 2015
Online news providers could be liable for unlawful user comments on their message boards, following a surprising decision by the European Court of Human Rights last week.
17 Jun 2015
Some good news for photographers - a new ruling means they can sue for copyright breaches in the UK courts, even when their images have been used in another EU country.
12 Jun 2015
Many people have compared the stabbing of a teacher in front of his class in Bradford with the murder of Ann Maguire just over a year ago. The circumstances were similar, and the schools were not far apart.
11 Jun 2015
Libel is an unpredictable area. And that's certainly the case with the new Defamation Act 2013.
09 Jun 2015
Journalists covering court cases will find it harder to get basic information, if an influential committee gets its way.
14 May 2015
The section 39 order, which has been used to prevent the media from identifying under-18s in adult court cases, has now been replaced in criminal courts.
21 Apr 2015
An environmental journalist has achieved a victory over the Information Commissioner in an attempt to obtain information about bad landlords under the Freedom of Information Act.
18 Apr 2015
Tom Wall's legal victory over the Ministry of Justice and the Information Commissioner is as worrying as it is remarkable.
16 Apr 2015
Media websites would do well to heed a recent decision by the Northern Ireland high court about the way Facebook responded to a take-down request.