Wogan on the Russell Brand media storm: Nobody died


Veteran broadcaster Terry Wogan has questioned journalists’ reaction to the Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross controversy that filled the newspapers and rolling news channels in October.

In an interview this weekend, Wogan said the media storm that resulted when it emerged that the pair had left a series of offensive messages on the answerphone of actor Andrew Sachs would pass in time.

“The thing is, we are quick to praise but, as soon as someone makes a mistake, the media jumps on top of them,” Wogan told the Daily Mail.

“Radio 2 is enormously successful, so it’s inevitable, in the event of anything going wrong, that everybody would jump on them with cleated boots. But nobody died. It will pass. These things do.

He added: “Anyone who listens to my show knows that we are anything but safe. In fact, we get away with murder. The difference is that I am pretty sure I know just how far to go. I was trained, you see.”

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