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By Danny Buckland 31 March 12:53
Danny Buckland is a freelance journalist who has worked for the Daily Mail, Sun and Daily Mirror. He writes regularly about mental health issues and general health across national titles and websites and has become increasingly concerned about the use of ‘head clutcher’ images in print, on TV and on the web. He is part of a campaigning group that includes mental health charities, service users and other journalists who want to find a better way to illustrate stories about mental health. Here, he gives an update on the progress of the campaign:
By William Turvill 29 January 12:36
Paul McNamara (right) and Guy Basnett (left) formerly worked as defence editor and deputy features editor respectively of the News of the World before it closed down in the summer of 2011.
By William Turvill 21 January 11:04
The union said the figure - which is made up of 16 TV content roles, eight TV pages roles and three weather and finance positions - represents a third of editorial staff in this area of the agency.
By William Turvill 19 January 11:20
Founded by a husband and wife in north-west London in 1954, Rex now has offices in London and Los Angeles and partner agencies in more than 40 countries.
By William Turvill 19 January 9:41
The news agency has refused to confirm numbers, but said the restructuring proposal was announced on Thursday last week.
By Press Gazette 18 December 11:55
Manchester-based news agency Cavendish Press has won an apology from the HM Courts and Tribunal Service after one of its journalists was ordered by security staff to delete pictures she took of a defendant as she stood on a pavement outside a courthouse.
By Emily Shackleton 11 December 9:55
Reuters and Newsquest photographers are to lose their jobs in the latest round of staff cuts.
By Dominic Ponsford 26 November 11:43
The National Association of Press Agencies has urged the BBC to start buying in local content from its members.
By William Turvill 28 October 10:31
He will be tasked with leading the “continuing transformation of the agency into a digital-focused multi-platform news and information business”.
By William Turvill 21 October 15:11
According to the NUJ, deputy team leader Clare Hoppett and listings producer Kath Haigh reached an agreement with the company, PM81, shortly before a full employment tribunal was due to begin.
By William Turvill and Press Association 21 October 8:38
The story, from 29 July, was brought to the attention of the new press regulator by Conservative MP Dr Sarah Wollaston.
By William Turvill 14 October 9:04
A police force used the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act to bug a journalist's car - but has denied using it to obtain a news agency's phone records.
By William Turvill 26 August 6:07
Former News of the World US editor James Desborough is looking to emulate the success of British-run agtency Splash as he seeks to expand his own celebrity news agency in Los Angeles.
By Press Gazette 14 August 9:35
Two news agency journalists were killed yesterday photographing attempts to dismantle an exploded Israeli bomb in Gaza (pictured abobe: Reuters) according to the International Federation of Journalists.
By William Turvill 02 July 12:06
He will be made emeritus editor on 1 January, when a successor is expected to be appointed, and will officially retire on 22 May 2015.
By Axegrinder 13 June 15:17
Austria-based Central European News agency has had some excuses from media companies that want to re-use its hard-work for free, but this one from a US TV show takes the biscuit.
By William Turvill 02 June 9:32
French president Francois Hollande (pictured, Reuters) initially indicated there would be no fee, but later went back on this, allowing the French broadcasters to charge.
By Dominic Ponsford 20 May 16:17
Sun editor David Dinsmore has claimed that the 2012 Leveson Inquiry has left a “layer of secrecy in British public life that a banana republic would be proud of”.
By William Turvill 19 May 9:19
Rooney, 28, was on holiday with his wife Coleen, 28, and their two sons, Kai, four, and Klay, one this week, before starting training with England before the World Cup today. He tweeted yesterday: “Disgusting that English press have flew out to Portugal to follow me while I'm with my children.”
By William Turvill 13 May 9:35
Addullah Elshamy (pictured: Al Jazeera) has been on hunger strike in an Egyptian prison for 113 days, more than 16 weeks.