By William Turvill 18 June 16:40
The short questionnaire (below) is intended to give journalists the opportunity to vent their frustrations and sing the praises of their place of work.
By Dominic Ponsford 28 August 11:31
Twenty aspiring journalists this week created their own tabloid newspaper from scratch at the News UK journalism summer school.
By Dominic Ponsford 25 August 12:20
Falling print circulations and the loss of a contract are leading the Belfast Telegraph to close its historic printing site on Royal Avenue in Belfast.
By Dominic Ponsford 25 August 9:56
Today programme presenter Nick Robinson has said that former SNP leader Alex Salmond is just the latest in a long line of politicians who have sought to the control the BBC.
By Dominic Ponsford 24 August 13:26
Journalists have been lambasted by film writer and director Paul Haggis over their failure to quiz actor Tom Cruise about his belief in Scientology.
By Dominic Ponsford 24 August 11:09
Rupert Murdoch’s concentration of media ownership looks set to remain a concern of the Labour party if leadership frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn in successful.
By Dominic Ponsford 24 August 10:37
Copies of the long-awaited Smith report into abuse by Jimmy Savile on BBC premises are said to have been circulated among executives at the coporation.
By Conori Bell-Bhuiyan 21 August 9:18

A former editor of Men's Fitness and his deputy today launched a new digital-only fitness and health magazine called Alpha Man.

By Conori Bell-Bhuiyan 20 August 12:08
Ken Wharfe, former Scotland Yard protection officer to Princess Diana, has told BBC Radio 4’s Media Show that he believes a Kensington Palace letter condemning paparazzi tactics was an “over the top approach”, and blamed the warning on police not communicating with photographers.
By Conori Bell-Bhuiyan 20 August 9:45
BBC presenter and journalist Victoria Derbyshire has been diagnosed with breast cancer, the BBC reports.
By Dominic Ponsford 19 August 12:34

Sky News is to host a final leadership debate between the four Labour leadership contenders on 3 September.

Coverage will be fronted by Kay Burley, with Adam Boulton chairing the discusison.

Press release:

By Conori Bell-Bhuiyan 19 August 11:36
Lilian Lepere is suing French radio and television stations after accusing them of endangering his life during the Paris attacks, the Guardian reports.
By Conori Bell-Bhuiyan 19 August 10:01
Spanish editor Pedro J Ramírez will launch new online paper El Español to fight back against attacks on press freedom in Spain, the Times reports.
By Conori Bell-Bhuiyan 18 August 10:25
The Greek coastguard has suggested that ITV News presenter Tom Bradby’s memory was “blurred” when he accused officials of standing by while he dived into a harbour to try and save a drowning man.
By Conori Bell-Bhuiyan 18 August 9:45
By Conori Bell-Bhuiyan 17 August 15:26
Oxford PPE student Henry Zeffman, 21, has been announced as the winner of the 2015 Anthony Howard Award for Young Journalists.
By Conori Bell-Bhuiyan 17 August 10:42
ITV News political editor Tom Bradby made the front pages of the Metro and Daily Mail after what the latter called "harrowing" tweets describing his attempts to rescue a man from drowning in a Greek harbour.
By Dominic Ponsford 17 August 8:51
The future of the BBC should be decided by the public, rather than politicians with vested interests, the chairman of the broadcaster's governing body has said.
By William Turvill 12 August 12:55
Frith is to replace Sally Eyden - who is moving on to edit ITV's Loose Women - at the celebrity and style weekly in September.
By William Turvill 12 August 12:35

Johnston Press is reported to be "sizing up local media rivals for a merger".