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Survey shows five per cent of Britons trust tabloid journalists post hacking scandal

Trust in newspaper journalists has dropped over the last year in the wake of the hacking scandal according to a survey carried out by YouGov for the University of Nottingham.

A YouGov survey carried out in November 2010 found that 54 per cent of the 2012 Britons questioned said they trusted broadsheet journalists and seven per cent said they trusted tabloid journalists.

According to the University of Nottingham, which asked YouGov to repeat the survey in July this year - the trust figure for broadsheets had dropped to 41 per cent and to 5 per cent for tabloids.

The survey was carried out on the weekend of 15 July, "by which time the full implications of the phone hacking scandal had become apparent", the university notes.

In contrast, the survey found that the percentage of respondents saying they trusted politicians had risen from 17 per cent to 24 per cent over the same period.


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