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Paxman joins others on the Naughtie step with 'cuts' mispronunciation

Jeremy Paxman joined other senior BBC colleagues on the Naughtie step last night as he became the latest presenter to suffer a slip of the tongue when he stumbled upon a mispronunciation of the word 'cuts'.

Paxman came a cropper as he introduced a Newsnight segment on taxation, but the veteran presenter soldiered on manfully, barely acknowledging his unfortunate stumble.

The slip was reminiscent of Today programme presenter James Naughtie's trouble pronouncing the name of Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt last year on a day of uncharacteristic gaffes for BBC Radio 4 in which Andrew Marr also suffered a-touch-of-Naughtie's and the station later interviewed a man posing as a Liberal Democrat MP.


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