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Hunt’s delay in referring BSkyB takeover upsets the NUJ

Another day, another condemnation from the National Union of Journalists.

Yesterday it was the decision by the BBC to cut its online budget by £34m and dump 360 posts that got its goat.

Today, it's Jeremy Hunt's 'astonishing' decision to delay action on Ofcom's recommendation that the Competition Commission consider the proposed takeover of BSkyB by News Corporation.

Jeremy Dear, NUJ general secretary, said:

"Jeremy Hunt has not just shifted the goalposts in considering the Murdoch plan to damage media plurality.
"He has allowed Rupert Murdoch to take the goalposts home, to return when he feels he's more likely to win the game.
"The government decision is an outrageous example of how the Coalition is working hand in glove with multinational corporations against the public interest."



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