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Chinese English language paper to launch in the UK tomorrow

China's state-owned English-language newspaper China Daily is to launch in the UK tomorrow as a new weekly title.

The new paper – called China Daily European Weekly – will attempt to bridge the current affairs gap that exists between China and Europe and will sell with a cover price of £2.

The launch follows the rollout of the China Daily US and an edition specifically designed for Hong Kong, the China Daily website reported today.

Renzhong Zhi, general manager of China Daily UK, said:

"We identified a gap to provide a useful source of news and analysis to European businesses seeking to better understand and engage with China.

As more partnerships develop between China and the West, it is crucial that there exists a regular source of insight on changing trends.

"While there is an element of breaking news, the majority of the paper seeks to provide a more in-depth review of headlines of the week – a useful guide to help readers understand the emerging opportunities that exist between China and Europe."


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