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Daily Star Sunday lays down gauntlet to 'stuffy and dull' rivals with money-back offer

daily star sunday offer

The Daily Star Sunday will this weekend offer its readers a "full 90p refund if you don't love your No. 1 Sunday paper."

Editor Gareth Morgan told Press Gazette: "We're so confident about the quality of the Daily Star Sunday that if any reader doesn't love it this weekend, we will refund them the full cover price. This is the ultimate sampling exercise and has never been tried by any other newspaper.

"If any reader is not completely satisfied with their Daily Star Sunday, they only have to fill in the simple coupon printed in this weekend's paper and send it to us along with a copy of the till receipt as proof of purchase. We will send them back their refund. It's that easy.

"Our Sunday rivals are now so stuffy and dull that we are certain any converts who ditch their old paper to try the Daily Star Sunday's winning combination of news, sport, celebrity and fun will not go back to their old ways."


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