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Does something make you think the Guardian isn't impressed with the PCC?

(UPDATE: Press Gazette editor Dominic Ponsford has now blogged on the outcome of the inquiry)

Is the Guardian a little miffed at the findings of the Press Complaints Commission's inquiry into phone hacking at the News of the World? (PCC full report here)

Well, count 'um:

  1. One strong statement about a 'complacent report" compiled by an organisation [the PCC] that does not have 'the ability, the budget or the procedures to conduct its own investigations."
  2. An opinion piece from Nick Davies on how the PCC inquiry missed the point of his stories
  3. An editorial on a 'report which will give ammunition to every sceptic who has ever accused the body of being a toothless watchdog."
  4. A news piece about MPs calling the report - which comes ahead of publication of their own investigation into the matter - a 'whitewash"
  5. The editor angry on the Today programme
  6. Then tweeting: 'Is the PCC a pointless regulator? If so, very dangerous for the press because we'll get something worse."
  7. And then a more progressive Greenslade on why and where the PCC failed and what it needs to do to regulate more effectively


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