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Newspaper Society cancels 2009 awards

The Newspaper Society has cancelled its annual awards for 2009, blaming the economic downturn and a desire to change the awards' format.

The society was due to hold its Circulation, Editorial and Promotions Awards – for circulation and promotion executives and editors - in spring; its Advertising and Digital Media Awards in autumn, and its Weekly Newspaper Awards in winter.

As with most awards, entrants nominate themselves, and pay to enter. They are now on hold, but are expected to return 'in some guise'in 2010.

A spokeswoman told Press Gazette: 'The awards evolve over time anyway – there is nothing dramatic about this.

'We are looking at the structure of the awards, and, of course, it's going to be difficult this year.

'We are expecting them to come back, but maybe not in the current guise."

In January, Press Gazette reported the North East Press Awards – known as the Cordners – were being delayed, partly due to the economic crisis.


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