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Obama arrives: Express splashes on Fiat 500

The Daily Express has responded to Barack Obama's inauguration by devoting its front page – and back - to a car advert.

In what is believed to be a first for a paid-for national newspaper, today's Express has a wrap-around front-page advert.

The headline reads: 'It's a big day for firsts", with a picture of the new Fiat 500.


The two 'plugs'at the top of the page said: 'The world's best loved small car'and 'The world's greatest newspaper – inside".

The inside front cover said: 'Happy first birthday, Fiat 500".

The 'real'front page – or page three, depending which way you look at it – featured Obama with the headline 'Hope is reborn".


There is also a news story about the launch if the new car on page 19.


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