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Report finds 80% of podcasts are listened to at home

Rajar is due to publish a report later this month that will debunk the myth that people mostly listen to podcasts on the move, Press Gazette has learned.

The radio measurement body carried out a survey last autumn (we don't know the sample size yet) looking into how and when people consume podcasts.

Here are some of the leaked findings:

  • 4.3 million adults have downloaded or subscribed to a podcast.
  • Of these, 80 per cent listen to podcasts at home – mostly using a computer, not an mp3 player.
  • The average listener only tunes into one podcast or less each week.
  • The most popular time of day for listening to podcasts is in the evening.
  • The majority of people listen to podcasts in their entirety, as they would a traditional radio show.

It is understood the report will be released towards the end of this month – around the same time that Rajar publishes the latest radio listening figures for the fourth quarter of 2007, which are out on 31 January.


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