Wind-up merchant signs column deal with Scottish Sun

The Scottish Sun has signed up Real Radio DJ Robin Galloway to write a regular column on Fridays.

A spokesman said: “His unique take on the news is another weapon in The Scottish Sun’s ever-more successful move to overtake the Daily Record in Scotland.”

February’s ABC figures revealed The Scottish Sun to be selling 356,214 compared with rival title the Record’s Scottish total of 462,323. According to the Sun, the gap between the two papers has narrowed considerably over the past year.

Galloway is famous for his crank call wind-ups, which include waking up former US President Bill Clinton, calling George Galloway live on air and trying to rent his famous holiday home, and attempting to deliver five tonnes of cannabis to Scotland’s First Minister Jack McConnell.

Scottish Sun editor Rob Dalton said: “Robin is the first voice most people in central Scotland hear in the morning when their radio alarm goes off. He’s irreverent with a great sense of fun, while his special relationship with listeners, celebrity contacts and considerable writing skills make him a natural asset for The Scottish Sun.”

The Scottish Sun printed 5,000 extra copies of a special edition in Spain on three days this week to coincide with Celtic’s Uefa Cup tie in Barcelona on Thursday night.

By Dominic Ponsford

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