Will Lewis: 'We'll crack on while others repair core business'

Telegraph editor-in-chief and digital managing director has revealed that he plans to take on mostly new staff for his new 50-strong operation in Euston.

Telegraph Media Group revealed the new role for Lewis yesterday as his deputy, Tony Gallagher, was made editor of the Daily Telegraph.

Lewis told New Media Age: “We spent quite a while thinking about it. It’s about setting up a new base camp and being able to draw on the resource here in Victoria and to use the brand if we choose and to use the content if we choose as well. While innovation continues in Victoria, we will take a different path to hunt down digital revenues in the new operation in Euston.”

He said that he’s taking a handful of people from the main Victoria headquarters but that he will be recruiting engineers, ‘user experience professionals”, ‘product people’and entrepreneurs ‘who want to do business to create new products and services”.

Lewis told NMA: ‘While the competition are probably scraping around for survival, we’ve spent the last three or four years doing the necessary work to our cost base, recruiting talent and practising the innovation required so we can now crack on while perhaps others still repair their core business.”

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