By Press Gazette 30 September 16:16

Former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan is to join Mail Online as editor-at-large for its US operation.

He will write for the site several times a week, in addition to his column for the Mail on Sunday.

By William Turvill 25 September 15:30
The Scotsman website reported record web traffic and a print circulation rise of 25 per cent as a result of its referendum coverage last week.
By Dominic Ponsford 25 September 11:03
Mail Online has plans to charge brands £65,000 for a single sponsored article in the UK.
By William Turvill 25 September 8:46
News Corp claims it has reached a settlement with Mail Online over alleged breach of copyright in Australia.
By William Turvill 24 September 10:54
The Mail Online story about Ronald Castree from November 2007 is the latest to be affected the ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling and the story will now be hidden under certain Google searches.
By William Turvill 22 September 11:04
The Oxford Mail has republished the list from its 2011 Scales of Justice column, rounding up cases from Oxford Magistrates Court.
By Dominic Ponsford 19 September 11:13
Mail Online, Metro and the Mirror all attract more readers to their websites from mobiles than they do personal computers.
By Press Gazette 18 September 12:15
Mail Online continued its position as by far the most popular UK newspaper website in August 2014 attracting some 11.3 million browsers per day.
By William Turvill 17 September 8:49
Google has removed the link to the 2003 story, about Tim Blackstone, under certain search terms.
By William Turvill 12 September 8:20
The Worcester News has now republished the photograph, which will be hidden from EU Google sites under certain search terms, reporting on the successful request.
By William Turvill 09 September 5:23
More than 80 stories across the national press and BBC websites have been subject to ‘right to be forgotten’ removals.
By William Turvill 09 September 4:20
Searching ‘Ray Stewart’, a former Scotland, Dundee United and West Ham United player, on EU Google sites will now not return a 1996 court report describing how he broke the jaw and nose a nightclub DJ who “he found in bed with his then estranged partner”.
By William Turvill 09 September 3:51
According to the Wall Street Journal, another news provider that will be entering a partnership, the company wants to make MSN “a hub for the best content on the web”.
By William Turvill 08 September 9:34
Last month, the publisher said that seven jobs were at risk across Trinity Mirror Midlands last month as it announced plans to adopt a “digital-first publishing process”.
By William Turvill 05 September 8:54
The Oxford Mail reported in July that Robert Daniels-Dwyer had successfully asked Google to remove a link, under certain search terms, to a 2006 story about his conviction for stealing £200 worth of items from Boots.
By William Turvill 04 September 16:45
The Associated Newspapers website has previously listed nine other pages affected by the requests.
By William Turvill 27 August 13:05
According to ABC, between January and June, Local World recorded 16,395,037 average unique monthly browsers - up 90 per cent year on year.
By Axegrinder 27 August 10:58
Last summer, Axegrinder was surprised to see terms such as ‘Fleet Street’, ‘press conference’ and ‘spokesperson’ banned in the BBC style guide.
By William Turvill 27 August 9:11
Google has removed links to more than 30 stories from the BBC, Telegraph and Mail websites, the publishers have revealed.
By William Turvill 26 August 16:21
The website announced the figures July’s online ABC figures showed it recorded 11,039,330 average daily users, up 1 per cent year on year.