Web increases dangers to student publications

I read this very interesting editorial piece from all the way from Trinity College, Connecticut. Unlike UK student newspapers, our American counterparts have pretty large budgets.

In the piece, the author explains how although they pride themselves on being independent, they’re still funded by the college. What’s more, the paper acknowledges that without the facilities at Trinity, they would not be able to print. That’s the harsh reality of student news. We operate on a shoestring – and the University is wearing the shoes.

Yet, until now, it hasn’t been a problem for the Trinity Tripod. They published to an average of 3,000 students. While this is an impressive circulation, it is one that can easily be removed should there be a major problem.

Then the web happened. What was originally a community of 3,000 is now one of potentially millions. An eager student editor would see this as good news. A concerned college may be a little less keen. And they’re the ones with the money.

An interesting argument, and one that may become more apparent in the UK as we get better at using the web.

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