Wade says arrest followed “silly row” which got out of hand

By Jon Slattery

Sun editor Rebekah Wade has made light of her arrest on Thursday morning for allegedly assaulting actor husband Ross Kemp.

is quoted in her paper today as saying: “It was just a silly row which
got out of hand.” Ross is also quoted in the paper as stating: “It was
a lot of fuss about nothing.”

The Sun in its news story about the
incident claims that reports that Ross suffered a cut lip were false.
It says the actor did not suffer any injuries and the cut to his lip
was “sustained during filming”.

The Sun also says that Wade was
not interviewed by police during the time she was held in custody at
Battersea Police Station before she was released without charge.

that Wade’s job may be at risk has lessened after reports that her
boss, Rupert Murdoch is also treating the incident lightly. He is said
to have told Sun staff “Let that be a lesson to you” and joked about it.

rest of Fleet Street have also given the story a gleefully light
treatment with Ross and his co-star East Ender brother Steve McFadden,
who was coincidently thumped yesterday by an ex-girlfriend, being
portrayed as wimps in contrast to their soap image as hardmen.

The Daily Mirror described them as “having lost their street cred yesterday when both were walloped by their real-life women.”

mum Peggy Mitchell was shown with a speech bubble stating: “You left
Walford as the Krays…you’ve come back as the Beverley Sisters.”

Ross, aka Grant Mitchell, responds: “Mum shuttit. It was a Doris..she’s one of the Wapping gang.”

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