Vogue.com set for global relaunch

Condé Nast’s digital division Condé Nast is to follow next month’s relaunch of Vogue.com with a global rollout of uniform “magazine companion sites” to promote its print products and the introduction of a new online-only umbrella brand for its men’s fashion titles.

Vogue.com’s new frontend design will be used globally across different language versions of the site when it is re-launched on 7 May.

Local editors will retain control over which content to use but many stories will be “localised” to appear in across English, Spanish, Russian and Japanese language versions of Vogue.com.

New features on the sites are designed to increase user loyalty, according to CondéNet UK manager Emanuela Pignataro. She told a launch event in London this morning that the number of news stories published online each day will be increased from the current level of five or six per day to around a dozen and that several high-profile fashion industry figures including Paul Smith and Lara Bohinc will be blogging on the site

The site’s popular “street chic” voxpop-style fashion feature will become a daily feature of the site and will introduce a mapping element to show where fashionably dressed passers-by were spotted. A calender feature will allow users to download upcoming fashion events to calendar tools including those from Google, Apple or Microsoft.

The Vogue.com relaunch is part of a global “roadmap” for the development of new CondéNet products and will be followed in July by the relaunch of the English-language version of the Glamour website. French, German and Spanish versions are planned to follow in September.

In February, CondéNet introduced a new umbrella site for its men’s fashion titles in Italy, MenStyle.it, which is set to be exported to the French and Spanish markets.

CondéNet is rolling out uniform “magazine companion sites” designed to promote subscriptions or newsstand sales of its print tites.

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