VNU web video studios go live

VNU unveiled its online video studios in the same week the company was sold to Incisive Media.

The studios have been put in place to record online video programmes for a number of titles including computer title CRN and Accountancy Age.

The programmes are designed to be accessible for readers of the publications who look for content on the move, and are available as podcasts.

Current journalists are taking on online video roles, rather than new broadcast reporters being freshly recruited.

Deputy managing director John Barnes said that reporters working within the studios were a cross between "a blogger and a journalist". H

e added: "As the media mix is evolving, so the role of the journalist is changing. Filing a news story today means that a journalist is producing a media asset, which is then used across multiple outlets and platforms, for example print, online, e-books etc."

VNU has adopted a strategy that it calls "total media" which involves using every available platform to produce content for its audience.

Barnes said: "As a company with a key market in IT, we've been more aware than most of how technology is changing the media business and how publishers are having to be extremely agile in responding to this.

"Having said this, print is not dead, it is still vitally important to us and there is plenty of money to be made. "We see it as enhancing, rather than competing with, our new media offerings."

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