Video: How the Scott Trust remit included the Observer in 2004


A Guardian promotional video has landed in my in-box dating from around 2004 – happier days for The Guardian and Observer.

Back then it seems that Guardian Newspapers boss at the time Carolyn McCall (now chief executive of Guardian Media Group) had a different take on the remit of the Scott Trust from the current interpretation.

She says: “The whole purpose of the Scott Trust is to ensure that The Guardian and The Observer exist in perpetuity – that they are totally independent, they can say what they want and behave the way they want without a proprietor. That is a fantastic thing and we think it gives us a great loyalty with not only with our readers but also with our staff.”

Fast-forward to 2009 and McCall is considering closing The Observer to stem GMG losses and safeguard the future of journalism of The Guardian “in perpetuity”.

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