US survey suggested newspaper readership decline has stopped

A new Gallup survey has suggested a halt in the decline of a newspaper readership in the US.

According to US magazine Editor and Publisher, twice as many Americans (44 per cent) rely on newspapers for their daily news as opposed to 22 per cent who use the internet for this purpose.

Newspapers are the most popular source of daily news in the US ahead of network TV news (35 per cent) and cable news (34 per cent).
In 2002, daily newspapers stood at 47 per cent in the same survey and in 2004 they were at 44 per cent.

According to Gallup: “Between 2002 and 2004, the number of daily Internet news consumers increased by five percentage points (from 15 per cent to 20 per cent); but in the most recent two years it increased by only two points (from 20 per cent to 22 per cent).

“Only 7 per cent of Americans say they read a national newspaper (such as USA Today or The New York Times) every day. An additional 6 per cent read these several times a week. These figures haven't changed much over the past several years. It's possible that the reach of these publications (as well as larger local and regional newspapers) is augmented by online readership, something not measured in the current poll."

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