Union's warning to Indy management

The Independent and Independent on Sunday NUJ chapel has warned management it will consider industrial action if the company does not provide detailed information about what effect the current job cuts will have on the papers' remaining staff.

The chapel has passed a motion which calls on management to supply the information within seven days. If there is not sufficient detail then the chapel will discuss the possibility of industrial action next Thursday.

The company had originally been looking to reduce the editorial workforce by 25 to 30 but around 70 people applied for a redundancy package of a month's pay for every year worked. It emerged today that up to another 15 editorial staff are to take pay-offs, but these journalists could be replaced.

The NUJ chapel wants management to reveal exactly how many jobs are to be permanently cut and how subs will be affected by the scrapping of the nine-day week. The Indy titles are understood to employ around 300 journalists.

Mother of chapel Kate Simon said: "There is very strong feeling in the chapel about how the restructuring will pan out. We don't feel we have been given the information we need to make a judgement about what the restructuring will mean for those remaining at the papers. Feelings are so high that the chapel has already indicated it will discuss industrial action if we don't get disclosure by next Thursday.

"We are really very concerned about the lack of information we are getting about the restructuring and about the imposition of a five day week on the news production staff and the scrapping of a nine day fortnight.

"We prefer to call it the nine night fortnight because these people are already working antisocial hours."


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