UK newspaper website ABCs for April 2017: No sign of snap general election traffic boost

Theresa May’s calling of a snap general election last month failed to impact newspaper website figures audited by ABC.

The top four sites were all slightly down month on month.

The Sun continues to be the fastest growing site, up 101 per cent year on year as continues to feel the benefit from coming out from behind the paywall.

The most popular UK newspaper website, Mail Online, reached an average of 15.1m unique daily browers (different devices) globally in April. This was just below the 15.6m unique daily browsers record it hit for January this year.

UK newspaper websites ABC figures for April 2017 (source ABC)

Title, average daily browsers, month on month % change, year on year % change

Product Apr-17 MoM% YoY%
Mail Online 15,118,004 -2.27 7.68* 8,466,835 -4 0.3
Mirror Group Nationals 4,922,384 -0.61 7.82
The Independent 4,763,694 -0.68 45.03
The Sun 4,700,903 2.71 100.51
Telegraph 4,280,004 4.45 3.69 2,042,900 7.78 45.89
Metro 1,681,174 -2.85 40.94 942,996 -1.2 22.69
Manchester Evening News 786,086 5.94 25.49
Evening Standard 756,458 3.7 53.58
Liverpool Echo 620,674 18.26 15.24
Wales Online 387,716 -4.18 32.38
Birmingham Mail 358,843 -0.05 70.63
Chronicle Live 257,976 -4.66 17.51
Hull Daily Mail 154,759 19.03
Nottingham Post 117,962 10.77
GazetteLive 113,877 -18.68 6.34
Bristol Post 108,967 7.2
Daily Post (Wales) 103,334 -7.03 22.16



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