Turn it off, turn it on again

They might have bunches of keys and mobile phones dangling from their belts; they might have a dubious approach to personal hygiene; and they might have all the social skills of a potted plant, but I’ve always found it best not to upset the Geeks.

They, after all, know where the bodies are buried and what’s in your browser history.

Pity then, Daily Mail writer Julie Moult, who has enraged the IT community by making a simple mistake in a silly season story about Labour MP Hazel Blears.

I’m not even going to get into this row as it’s tedious in the extreme, but it does give us the chance to enjoy again one of Ms Moult’s contributions to This Thing Of Ours during her time at The Sun.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Nazi racoons on warpath.

No, really.

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