Telegraph web pages in need of refreshing

As the Telegraph rants on about the necessity of websites for all serious news organisations, what news of its own site,

Accessed via the company intranet, it helpfully offers details of local restaurants and bars. It also has a page called “floor plan” to help harassed hacks find their way around the building.

Or at least it would help them if ‒ eight months after they moved in ‒ it wasn’t still festooned with the words “Coming soon”.

Accessed externally, the site is now an ad for breakfast seminar presentations and contains mind-numbingly dull ad-speak about the Telegraph.

It includes a diagram showing the “purchase process”, a tedious page entitled “presenter effect copy testing” and reveals the astounding news that “national newspapers generate high levels of awareness for advertising brands”.

How much does it cost them to “discover” this shite?

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