Telegraph staff deliver war edition

Evening Telegraph: delivered by car

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph printed 20,000 copies at 5am to cover the start of the bombing campaign against Afghanistan so it could be on the shelves at the same time as the nationals.

But because the paper’s wholesalers were committed to looking after News International titles, the Telegraph was left with the problem of how to distribute copies six hours ahead of the normal first edition print time.

All the Evening Telegraph sales department turned out at Peterbor-ough Web at 5am to gather the papers as they came off the presses and then loaded them into their car boots. They then drove them round to city centre outlets and others in the greater Peterborough area.

Meanwhile, the Hull Daily Mail recorded a 5.2 per cent week-on-week increase the day after the allied air strikes began on Afghanistan.

Staff worked around the clock to bring out a special breakfast edition which was printed at 3.30am and carried 19 pages dedicated to the attacks.

By the final edition, the newspaper had 21 pages of reports and analysis.

Mail editor John Meehan said: "A small team worked from 7pm until 4am to completely rip out Monday’s paper. Many of those who worked into the early hours were back at their desks at 8am the next day."

By Jean Morgan

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