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By William Turvill 22 May 17:19
Independent political editor Andy Grice is to leave his role after 17 years.
By Dominic Ponsford 22 May 14:43
Journalist Camilla Cavendish is leaving the Sunday Times to head up the Downing Street policy unit.
By William Turvill 21 May 16:38
Police are investigating a newspaper advert taken out by the family of a man convicted of murder calling for jurors to come forward.
By William Turvill 20 May 10:38
Former Spectator editor Matthew d’Ancona has been appointed political editor of GQ.
By Dominic Ponsford 18 May 14:49
The Sunday Express has been ordered to publish a page two correction following an inaccurate front-page story.
By William Turvill 18 May 14:03
The Daily Mirror weekday edition now costs 50 per cent more than The Sun.
By Dominic Ponsford 18 May 12:44
Daily Mail political editor James Chapman is joining Chancellor George Osborne as his director of communications.
By Dominic Ponsford 18 May 11:52
Research by News UK has found that young people are more interested in politics than they may be given credit for.
By William Turvill 12 May 17:00
The Sun's chief political correspondent Kevin Schofield has announced he is moving to become editor of Politics Home.
By Katie Avis-Riordan 11 May 14:59
The Times Scotland claims to be the only daily newspaper in Scotland to grow its sale year on year.
By Katie Avis-Riordan 11 May 11:39
Archant brought out special morning of editions for its mainly daily newspapers to bring news of the general election result on Friday
By William Turvill 08 May 14:06
One million copies of the London Evening Standard are to be distributed today, more than ever before, the newspaper has said.
By Press Gazette 07 May 13:04
Press Gazette won the runner-up prize in the campaign of the year category at last night’s British Media Awards for S
By Samuel Osborne 07 May 10:54
It has been argued that regional coverage of the 2015 election could be a decisive factor in almost 200 marginal seats across the country.
By Dominic Ponsford 06 May 16:18
Journalists working for ITV are to go on on strike for 24 hours next Thursday in protest at a 2 per cent pay offer.
By William Turvill 05 May 10:34
Newspapers and magazines are the most popular source of news for politicians, according to a new survey.
By William Turvill and Press Association 30 April 10:17
"If getting called an ostrich by Nigel Pearson is not a career highlight i don't know what is."
By Samuel Osborne 29 April 16:38
A website featuring news, comment and reviews covering the latest technological innovations has launched this week.
By Samuel Osborne 29 April 11:42
An editor of a weekly newspaper has left her position after six years to become editor of another weekly owned by a rival publisher.
By William Turvill 29 April 10:56
Melanie Phillips, James Delingpole and Christopher Booker have been recognised for their work on climate change at Anglia Ruskin University.