Sun reporter's bright idea

The Sun was set to seal its very own “Warsaw Pact with Polish plumbers” last week, according to The Independent’s Pandora page.

Diarist Oliver Duff was convinced that the Current Bun was planning to launch a Polksi edition for the 400,000 Poles ‒ many of them white van men and plumbers ‒ who have made their way here since EU enlargement in 2004.

“They want,” says Duff’s source, “more tits and bumskis for the Polish plumbers.”

However, Axegrinder understands that the idea actually came from an internal competition for Sun staff. Two VIP tickets to the Rugby World Cup final were on offer for the hack who could come up with the best idea to “improve our paper”.

Bright spark Sun reporter Lucy Hagan came up with the winning idea ‒ a Polish edition ‒ and found herself jetting off to Paris on an all-expenses-paid weekend for her efforts.

A spokeswoman for the paper said the rumours of an imminent Polish launch were “completely untrue”.

As the paper might be saying in coming years, nadchodz Rupert, ci gn inny jed (“Come on Rupert, pull the other one,” according to Babelfish).

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