By PA Mediapoint | 22 Apr 2016
A celebrity who wants to keep his name out of a tabloid newspaper story about his alleged extra-marital activities must wait to find out if he has won a battle at the Supreme Court.
By PA Mediapoint | 21 Apr 2016
A legal battle by a celebrity for an injunction to prevent him being named in a tabloid newspaper story about his alleged extra-marital activities has reached the UK's highest court.
By PA Mediapoint | 18 Apr 2016
Judges say an injunction barring The Sun on Sunday from naming a celebrity said to have engaged in "extramarital activities" can be lifted - but they have not named the man involved, who is now expected to ask for a stay pending further legal action.
By PA Media Lawyer | 15 Apr 2016
A celebrity fighting to keep his name out of a tabloid newspaper story will have to wait until Monday to find out whether he has won his battle.
By PA Mediapoint | 15 Apr 2016
A politician who used parliamentary privilege to expose football star Ryan Giggs as the celebrity protected by a privacy injunction says judges must lift a ban which is preventing a tabloid newspaper from reporting on a ''well-known'' man's ''extramarital activitie
By Dominic Ponsford | 14 Apr 2016
The celebrity couple using an injunction to prevent press revelations about their private life are also seeking to remove internet links from search engine Google, the Daily Mail reports.
By Dominic Ponsford | 12 Apr 2016
A political blogger is facing the possibility of a fine and possible imprisonment after naming the celebrity who has an injunction banning reporting of his involvement in an extra-marital sexual threesome.
By Dominic Ponsford | 11 Apr 2016
A Scottish newspaper has named the celebrity who used an injunction to stop the Sun on Sunday from revealing his involvement in an extra-marital sexual threesome.
By Dominic Ponsford | 08 Apr 2016
Fleet Street's reluctance to cover Culture Secretary John Whittingdale's romantic past and its eagerness to expose the extra-marital shenannigans of a married "entertainer" has led some to cry foul.
By Dominic Ponsford | 07 Apr 2016
The rich and famous can now use their children as a way to keep negative stories out of the press after a "watershed" Court of Appeal ruling.
By William Turvill | 06 Aug 2015
The News UK title reported the injunction, granted by Mrs Justice Elizabeth Laing, today after the judgment was handed down in court yesterday.
By Cleland Thom | 17 Mar 2015
New government figures confirm the recent trend that privacy junctions are becoming a thing of the past
By Dominic Ponsford | 07 Apr 2014
A man accused by Northern Ireland's Sunday World of being a commander in banned terrorist group the UVF has failed in a High Court bid to stop the newspaper writing about him.
By PA Media Lawyer | 21 Mar 2014
There was only one application for an interim privacy injunction in the High Court during the final six months of last year - and that was rejected, according to new statistics from the Ministry of Justice.
By PA Media Lawyer | 10 Mar 2014
One Direction pop star Harry Styles has won permanent High Court orders against four paparazzi photographers in his legal battle to end the "crazy pursuit" of him.
By Dominic Ponsford | 22 Oct 2013
The Wall Street Journal Europe yesterday overturned an injunction which had prevented it from naming 22 individuals named in an investigation relating to fixing of the Libor inter-bank lending rate.
By William Turvill | 23 Jul 2013
The number of reported privacy cases heard in court in the UK rose by 22 per cent in the last year, according new research.
By William Turvill | 04 Jun 2013
Two social media users have been given nine-month suspended sentences for breaching an injunction by sharing pictures of people they believed to be the killers of James Bulger.
By William Turvill | 29 Apr 2013
A mother of six on benefits who was reported to be asking that she be re-housed in an exclusive London area failed in a bid to gag The Sunday Times.
Kate Winslet and Ned RocknRoll (REUTERS)
By Dominic Ponsford | 17 Jan 2013
Pictures taken from Facebook which showed Kate Winslet’s new husband Ned RocknRoll semi-naked at a fancy dress party could have led to her children being subject to ridicule, a judge has said.