Work experience

By William Turvill | 21 May 2013
The Independent is advertising for an internship lasting for 11 weeks on its website.
By Carolina Are | 14 Jan 2013
Newspaper blogs, market research and product review websites increasingly feature student and graduate content – for free. But are these platforms the new frontier of work experience or just another form of exploitation?
By Andrew Pugh | 10 Jan 2013
The National Union of Journalists has called for adverts for unpaid internships to be outlawed. General secretary Michelle Stanistreet told the Low Pay Commission that while low pay was an issue across the media industry, working for free was becoming a “worrying trend”.
By Anonymous | 08 Jul 2010

More tales reach me of work experience exploitation. This time it is the magazine of supermarket giant Tesco which is seeking an editorial intern who can work for nothing for up to six months.

By Anonymous | 05 Jul 2010

Freelance journalist Tiffany Wright

By Dave Lee STD | 21 Apr 2008

It's widely accepted that as inexperienced journalists we need to put up with the less glamorous of tasks until we get 'real' (sorry!) jobs. But at what point does it become exploitation? When does work experience just become work?

By Dave Lee STD | 07 Apr 2008

Here's a debate that strikes particularly close to the bone: Can working-class school-leavers get jobs in journalism?