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By Dominic Ponsford | 25 Nov 2015
Mr Justice Warby today demolished the libel case brought by former MP Tim Yeo and sided pretty much 100 per cent behind The Sunday Times.
By Dominic Ponsford and PA Mediapoint | 25 Nov 2015
The reports were prompted by an undercover investigation in which Heidi Blake and Jonathan Calvert, the newspaper's Insight Team, met Yeo for lunch at Nobu restaurant posing as representatives of a Far East solar energy company.
By William Turvill | 24 Nov 2015
When Paul Dacre, 67, retires from the Daily Mail, Witherow, 63, will be the longest-standing national newspaper editor.
By William Turvill | 15 Oct 2015
News of the video was broken by The Sun newspaper on Saturday 18 July. The next day, its News UK sister title The Sunday Times published a story headlined “Royals hunt source of Nazi salute film”.
By William Turvill and Press Association | 13 Oct 2015
The Sunday Times "trashed" the reputation of former Conservative MP Tim Yeo in the last stages of his career, the High Court has been told.
By William Turvill | 22 Sep 2015
Former Sunday Times political editor Isabel Oakeshott has defended the biography of the Prime Minister she co-authored with Lord Ashcroft.
By Josephine McCoan | 10 Sep 2015
The Sunday Times Style magazine is releasing its biggest ever issue this Sunday timed for London Fashion Week.
By David Knowles | 09 Sep 2015
A Nigerian journalist who has written for The Sunday Times is still missing after being kidnapped on 30 August.
By David Knowles | 07 Sep 2015
Sunday Times nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu has urged Israel to let him leave the country and join his wife abroad.
By William Turvill | 10 Aug 2015

News UK has sent a group of nine students to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to write reviews for The Times and Sunday Times. (Shutterstock picture shows performance at the 2012 festival)

By William Turvill | 03 Aug 2015
The newspaper revealed yesterday that a whistleblower had provided it - along with German broadcaster ARD/WDR - with data from the "biggest leak of blood-test data in sporting history".
By Dominic Ponsford | 23 Jul 2015
The Sunday Times is facing a seven-day libel trial after being sued by former Conservative MP Tim Yeo over its undercover lobbying sting.
By William Turvill | 22 Jun 2015
Daily Mirror special correspondent David Collins has joined The Sunday Times’s Insight Team.
By Dominic Ponsford | 15 Jun 2015
A Sunday Times story claiming Russia and China have accessed the Snowden files has been described as a “spectacular coincidence” by Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti.
By Dominic Ponsford | 22 May 2015
Journalist Camilla Cavendish is leaving the Sunday Times to head up the Downing Street policy unit.
By Dominic Ponsford | 18 May 2015
Times advertisers are to begin paying the same rate for display advertising in the title's tablet edition as they do in print.
By Dominic Ponsford | 26 Mar 2015
Two Sunday Times stories are in the running for scoop of the year at the London Press Club Awards.
By Dominic Ponsford | 24 Mar 2015
The Times and Sunday Times now claim to have more than 400,000 paid-for subscribers (or "members" as they are being called).
By Dominic Ponsford | 17 Mar 2015
The Sunday Times filmed Tory co-Treasurer Peter Cruddas admitting that a foreign company could gain access to David Cameron and influence Government policy if it paid the party £250,000 a year.
By Dominic Ponsford | 17 Mar 2015
A £180,000 libel damages award to former Conservative Party co-treasurer Peter Cruddas has been reduced to £50,000 by the Court of Appeal.