The Sun

By PA Mediapoint | 28 Apr 2016
A High Court judge has given the go-ahead to phone-hacking damages claims against The Sun.
By Dominic Ponsford | 27 Apr 2016
The Sun today apologised again for its 1989 coverage of the Hillsborough disaster as Liverpool supporters were cleared by an inquest jury of blame for the tragedy in which 96 died.
By John Reynolds | 26 Apr 2016
The royal editor of The Sun Duncan Larcombe, who was found not guilty of paying a former sergeant for scoops on Prince William and Harry last year, is to leave the paper.
By Dominic Ponsford | 26 Apr 2016
The Sun today declined to comment on the Hillsborough inquest verdict has Liverpool fans were cleared of blame The Sun and Hillsborough: Tabloid issued front-page apology in 2012 for 'blackest day in its history'for the tragedy in which 96 people died.
By Dominic Ponsford | 26 Apr 2016
The latest in a series of Sun stories about the behaviour of BBC Top Gear host and Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans has led the BBC to accuse the tabloid of printing "unfounded nonsense".
By PA Mediapoint | 22 Apr 2016
Boris Johnson has come under fire over his attack on the "part-Kenyan" US president Barack Obama.
By Dominic Ponsford | 22 Apr 2016
Sun crime reporter Mike Sullivan has revealed how he when he first joined the paper, in the early 1990s, the ethnicity of a victim of crime could decide whether the newsdesk wanted the story covered.
By Dominic Ponsford | 21 Apr 2016
The Sun was the fastest-growing national newspaper website month on month in March up 10.2 per cent compared with February.
By PA Mediapoint | 21 Apr 2016
A legal battle by a celebrity for an injunction to prevent him being named in a tabloid newspaper story about his alleged extra-marital activities has reached the UK's highest court.
By PA Media Lawyer | 15 Apr 2016
A celebrity fighting to keep his name out of a tabloid newspaper story will have to wait until Monday to find out whether he has won his battle.
By PA Mediapoint and Press Gazette | 11 Apr 2016
A former Royal Navy captain whose "shameful" bullying of junior officers cost him his command has lost his High Court privacy claim against the Ministry of Defence.
By Dominic Ponsford | 11 Apr 2016
A Scottish newspaper has named the celebrity who used an injunction to stop the Sun on Sunday from revealing his involvement in an extra-marital sexual threesome.
By Dominic Ponsford | 07 Apr 2016
The rich and famous can now use their children as a way to keep negative stories out of the press after a "watershed" Court of Appeal ruling.
By John Reynolds | 06 Apr 2016
The editor of the Irish Sun Paul Clarkson has been appointed as The Sun’s new managing editor, replacing Stig Abell who has been appointed editor of News UK’s literary title TLS.
By John Reynolds | 04 Apr 2016
The Sun has given a staff job a graduate of News UK’s journalism academy, marking the first time a student from the course has landed a job on a national newspaper.
By Dominic Ponsford | 26 Mar 2016
The Sun breached the Editors’ Code by publishing a “significantly misleading” front page headlined “1 in 5 Brit Muslims’ sympathy for jihadis”.
By John Reynolds | 24 Mar 2016
The Scottish Sun has been censured by press redulator IPSO over the accuracy of an article about “caged beast” William Beggs which claimed the murderer made a string of appeals about alleged infringements of his human rights in prison.
By PA Mediapoint | 24 Mar 2016
A politician who used parliamentary privilege to expose soccer star Ryan Giggs as the celebrity protected by a privacy injunction says he has concerns about judges barring a tabloid newspaper from reporting on a "well-known" man's "extramarital activities".
By John Reynolds | 24 Mar 2016
Around 100 journalists are expected to lose their jobs on Saturday when The Independent publishes its final print edition.
By John Reynolds | 23 Mar 2016
The Sun and The Sun on Sunday made a loss of £253m in the year ending June 2015 after its parent company News Group Newspapers wrote down the value of The Sun by over £220m and paid out millions to former executives and in legal costs.