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By PA Mediapoint | 07 Oct 2015
Evidence given by former Sun editor Rebekah Brooks (then Wade) to MPs in 2003 backed up the belief of Sun reporter Jamie Pyatt that he was "not doing anything wrong" in handing over hundreds of pounds in cash to a serving police officer, a court heard.
By PA Mediapoint | 02 Oct 2015
A Sun journalist has described the moment he realised his newspaper had handed over his emails to police - despite his "moral and ethical" duty not to betray his sources. Jamie Pyatt, 52, told his trial that he worked "loyally" for the tabloid for 25 years and everything he di
By PA Mediapoint | 01 Oct 2015
A Sun news editor has told jurors that he is still answering questions about cash-for-stories allegations while his old boss Rebekah Brooks is "back in her job". Chris Pharo, 46, is on trial at the Old Bailey with district reporter Jamie Pyatt, 52 accused of aiding and abetting a Surrey
By PA Mediapoint | 30 Sep 2015
Rebekah Brooks brought a senior member of Sun staff to tears with a foul-mouthed text message when she edited the newspaper, the Old Bailey has heard.
By PA Mediapoint | 29 Sep 2015
Giving evidence at his trial, Chris Pharo told jurors how the Sun used scantily clad models pretending to be readers with problems for the regular feature in the tabloid.
By William Turvill | 29 Sep 2015
The lawyers of talk show host Jeremy Kyle threatened The Sun on Sunday with an injunction ahead of its story reporting his wife's "20 sex romps" with a“polo hunk”.
By Dominic Ponsford | 29 Sep 2015
Sun reporter Mazher Mahmood is to face trial accused of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. The news comes just after a year after he was suspended from his job following the collapse of the Tulisa Contostavlos drugs trial. Mahmood was accused by the trial judge in that case of giving
By William Turvill | 25 Sep 2015
Gavin Millar QC is working for News Group Newspapers in its case against the Metropolitan Police in the Investigatory Powers Tribunal.
By William Turvill | 24 Sep 2015
Hopkins is understood to have resigned from the News UK title today and will begin working for the Mail website in November.
By William Turvill | 24 Sep 2015
Tony Gallagher fears the Bribery Act would have prevented The Daily Telegraph from exposing the MPs’ expenses scandal.
By PA Mediapoint | 23 Sep 2015
The Sun paid Amanda Watts, 44, from Suffolk, £2,100 for five pieces of information which resulted in five stories about the troubled singer who was in Highpoint prison.
By PA Mediapoint | 23 Sep 2015
A senior Sun news editor and reporter have gone on trial accused of paying a "secret police informant" for tips.
By Dominic Ponsford | 23 Sep 2015
The Sun on Sunday may have filmed Labour's Lord Sewel snorting white powder with prostiutes, but the Met Police said there was "insufficient evidence to proceed" with its investigation.
By PA Mediapoint | 22 Sep 2015
Then head of news Chris Pharo and district reporter Jamie Pyatt were allegedly involved in a corrupt relationship with a Surrey police officer.
By PA Mediapoint | 22 Sep 2015
While working as a detention custody officer, Mark Blake, 42, was paid nearly £8,000 for tips about the Colnbrook secure immigration removal centre (pictured, Reuters) which resulted in ten stories being published by the tabloid newspaper over three years.
By William Turvill | 17 Sep 2015
Metro was the only national newspaper title audited by ABC to see its website figures drop year on year in August.
By William Turvill | 16 Sep 2015
The Sun on Sunday has denied a celebrity's boyfriend had "any reasonable expectation" of privacy when he engaged in a "solo sex act".
By David Knowles | 15 Sep 2015
The Sun has faced questions today over the accuracy of its front-page today as new editor Tony Gallagher took up his post.
By Dominic Ponsford | 15 Sep 2015
Former Sun managing editor Graham Dudman has been signed up by training company News Associates as their editorial consultant.
By Mark A. Silberstein | 14 Sep 2015
Mohan, who left The Sun to be a senior advisor to News Corp chief executive Robert Thompson in 2013, will work alongside Outside founder Alan Edwards (both pictured) who becomes chairman.